Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thomas Merton Retreat Milford OHIO - April 27-29

It is a little over a month until the Thomas Merton Retreat I will be leading in Ohio. I am excited about the opportunity. I hope you will consider going and coming and joining with us.

A note about my approach to a Merton Retreat. So many of the conferences related to Merton deal with all sorts of issues, like war, peace, integration, other religions, sidelines along the way. It is as if Merton was the answer to everything. How people dream up some of the things about Merton I will never know. But this retreat will focus on Meditation, Contemplation, and Meditation. I once heard Abbot John Eudes say, "I believe the earlier writings of Merton were the most important." He said this after someone had just spoken on Merton and his reactions to the peace movement.

So, there you have it. My pet Merton peeve. I believe he gained things in silence and meditation that set the stage for his writings and made him aware of God's dealing with his life. That is the Merton I enjoy reading and studying.

In this retreat you will come away with a closer reading of God's work in your own life not a guidebook for declaring war. So there you have it.

For more details check out Mertonretreats.

Or Milford Retreat Center.

Please be praying about your plans and if God wants you to come and Bless Us.

Bro. Dan


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