Saturday, April 14, 2007

Company Is Coming !!!

Our Saturday night group is coming to our house tonight for Bible
study.. The following are my chores:

Janet sick. Pick up laundry. Get bacon, cheese. And ham sandwich at


Vacuum entire house.

Clean catty kitter box. Go upstairs get him food. Another trip for
proper bag for liter.

Light gas pilot light on hot water heater so we have hot water. Take
flashlight and knife with me. Don't forget to put knife back in
appropriate tool box.

Throw away all newspapers.

Move all my books to study. Give impression of neatness. Remove
everything from counters and hide them in places you will never
remember. Toothpaste, razor, hairdryers etc. You get the idea.

Take mail to mailbox. Get mail.

Put ham in oven.

Straighten patio furniture.

Bring portable table from basement and 4 chairs.

Did I say company was coming? What do you do when company comes?


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