Monday, March 15, 2010

Thinking Aloud

As many of you know I have had problems with this blog. The last time I posted 30 messages were added without my permission. I know what the problem is but am not exactly sure how to fix it. It does not happen unless I post from my pocket computer which I love to do. So the discouragement from posting with it has kept me from blogging as much. I have tried something different so will see how that works.

I continue my facebook account at and my twitter account at
So if anyone want to join those you are welcome.

I am always encouraged by comments and am thankful for them. Some interesting thoughts: I am leading a Thomas Merton Retreat in Montana in April. This will be only for Disciples of Christ pastors. I am really looking forward to it.

I am shifting through my time objectives. What is important at this stage of life? I am 66, thinking of retirement, but not wanting to become someone who spends all his time forwarding emails.

My thoughts toward contemplation have not changed. I believe in the value of silence and listening for the voice of God. The trip to Israel last October (you can check blog for Oct/Nov 2009 to view) has given me a new perspective on the country of Israel, particularly the Old Testament. I am still in awe when I speak of Qumran. What an interesting place and the discovery of the century.

I enjoy my grandson Jack. He is really a delight. Janet continues to be a source of strength. I have recently had some health problems. I could not walk for a while but that is better. However, the cortizone shots have caused my diabetes to reactivate strongly. Oh well !!

So, I will try to work on this blog more. Just pray that my new way of using my tiny computer will work. If it does I will be ok. With God's blessings. Bro. Dan

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