Thursday, July 05, 2012

Hot hot hot.

The doorbell rings. I don't answer. It is not only to hot to answer but peeping through the window these do not look like people I wish to talk with. I will let Cuddles continue his barking. That is enough.

Really, I have neglected these pages. I have been more interested in saying something profound than speaking the truth, for truth is to difficult to find. It is hidden beneath lies confronting us daily.

I am reading again. Thoughs of John P. Cock. Another read is A Voice Crying in the Wilderness by Edward Abbey. A little off base but I need that at times. Brings the mind a little clearer, not the needless trash of up to date news. I feel I have been to religious of late, studying to many religious sayings, truly trying to understand them and miserably failing. A times we need to be off base, stealing ideas from the insane and incorporating them in our lives.

We have discovered the big boson. Now, things unseen, can be characterized as mass, or the fourth dimension, or something that holds things together. Oh boy, doesn't that sound like fun?


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