Monday, April 16, 2012

20 things I did today..........

My friend Don Brennan often sends me 20 things he did today. I find them very meaninful.

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20 things I did today..........

Carried a cross that someone dear hurled at me...drove to a beautiful park near the border, USA. and Canada....kindness to a stranger...asked for God to help me...'Standin in the need of prayer...Read Scripture...Wrote a journal entry about NOT listening to wife's check cashed for her...bought her favorite candy...had a load of hate dumped on me (The servant is not above the Master).....made small talk with a stranger to show Chist's love without even saying  Jesus aloud...wrote to son, offered help with landscape work...started holly plands that now have lots of berries, promises.......went to Blessed Sacrament to honor Him Who loves us beyond any merit of ours...sent a prayer to 'Share a Prayer York more anger dumped on me, good to suffer a little something for Him who bore our sins...more anger dumped on me (My day I guess)....Read paper, lots of cheery stuff there and I wonder why I buy it...Copied some cheerful polka for a man (neighbor) who is in depression...Went to bed after a prayer before the San Damiano  cruucifix that speaks to me of Francis and  his love of the Lord Crucified, He paid a debt  merciful  care with me everywhere.  (Put anyone to sleep???)  Don Brennan  Warren MI


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