Thursday, January 30, 2014

No Snow

There is no snow where I live. We have had 2 To 3 inches all over the South but not us. There Is talk of an impenetrable wall south of I 40 that is like a black hole for snow. None arrives.

In the meantime we see politicians blaming the weatherman, a viscous intruder attacking Jim Cantor, and even dogs sleeping on their backs to protest the snow. Several other headlines capture our attention:a cruise ship has 700 sick passengers, a man has been caught with hundreds of sleepy snakes hoarding his house,super bowl weather stirs up concern,, and I am sick with a head cold, sore throat, and coughing.

My birds are hungry and me to sick to walk out in 10 degree weather to feed them. When I am sick I don't read, don't drink enough juice, and feel miserable. I pass the time watching the science channel. Maybe a nap is appropriate. Where is Yogi Bear when I need him. My eyes hurt from typing this. I have read the paper. Oh wrll, just complaining!


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