Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Night in January, 2014

Well, finally an update. I am still strugling with this blog. Sometimes the password works, other times it does not. Recently bought a new Galaxy Note 3 smartphone that is 5.7 inches tall. I am really enjoying it, but wish I could get where I can change the blog while using it.The pictures are much better and hope to add some come.most of my musings are now on facebook which I can change rapidly. If you want to add me to your facebook account the URL is I led a Thomas Merton retreat last Saturday at Penuel Ridge Retreat Center in Ashland City, TN. My new Thomas Merton site can be reached at: and my new REAL HOME SITE is please try one or more of these sites to see ifthey work. The weather has been very cold here here . A total of only 1/4 inch of snowbut down to 2 degrees above. Really cold here. My email address is if you want to contact me. Our scripture reading/study tomorrow is Psalm 139, one of my favorites. When I moved to Nashville, I lived with Mrs. J.O. Williams for 3 months. This was her favorite Psalm and she had copies she gave to all she met. It was printed on her notecards. Recently saw Philomena and enjoyed it very much. We also saw Gravity and Saving Mr.Banks. I was disappointed that Emma Thompson did not get nominated for an academy award. She is my favorite actress. By the way my title for Psalm 139 in NOWHEre tO HIDE. What is your title for it?


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