Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Sudden Danger

At times I find myself out of sorts, feeling guilty over words said, or just a general dis-ease with life in general.

An Uncertain Time

With the election for 2012 on the horizon, an unusual attitude seems to be increasing in every conversation. There is a hidden anger in our country that one reacts toward that is descending for us all. Uncertainty-yes. Fear-yes. Questions upon question that at times make sense, at other times they seem out of place. We are all uptight! Outrageously angry, or our voices rise unexpectedly without warning.

We are all overwhelmed with rhetoric meant to hurt, inappropriate words that sting, pictures that assume we are not smart enough to figure things out for ourselves, so someone pushes their agenda without thought of what it really means in our face daring us to speak up.

What is my agenda?

The truth is I want to be inquisitive, yet positive in answer (a near impossibility it seems in our time). I want to respect opinions without feeling threatened. I want to control what I hear, yet hear with a discerning spirit other sides without lies or falsified statements meant to capture me in a falsified discussion. On facebook I am de-friending those who constantly irritate me or send out way to many tweets (13 in 4 hours is to many), on twitter to discern a spirit of closeness to Christ without belittling me if I disagree.

In summary, the biggest problem is myself! How do I control myself and not become that which I detest? How do I love the unloveable? How can I respect and not grow angry at hurtful words said? (Less tv is an easy answer). Turning off messengers who cause me to feel bad is another.

So, I will look for the simple, a dog looking out the window, a baseball game with the sound turned down, read only that which uplifts, and above all, "keep my mouth shut." O LORD HELP ME! May your will be beside me and the tempter falling further and further behind.


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