Friday, July 06, 2012


The miserable 100 plus degree weather continues. It rained, really sprinkled hard, for 4 minutes last night. Welcomed but way to short.

Don't get out much during heat. I need to get some good exercise but I lack needed energy.

Looked at tv this morning briefly. All one sees is political mishmash and yelling with big band backgrounds. I miss the quiet days when J. Fred Muggs was the entertainment. Now one can't hear anything worthwhile above the yells of the announcers. And the audience to is yelling all the time. Why can't there ever be any silence? Best advice I have is "turn it off."

Watched 2 episodes of BBC drama Berkeley Square last night. Got the dvd at the library. Sort of a downstairs Downton Abbey.

Has anyone tried the strawberry slush at Sonic? Pretty good!


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