Monday, September 20, 2004

Day of Recollection

In reading many of the Journals of Saints, one finds many of their writings to include a “Day of Recollection.” Most take one day a month to do this, a day spent in “getting their lives back in order.” Well, today is such a day for me – A Day of Recollection ! A catch up day. A day to put things in order !

It begins with me drowsily getting to work and trying to see what “concerns of the day” are of high priority. To aid in my day, I use a variety of techniques. First there is the coffee of coffee from Dave’s Coffee Stand, followed by putting water in my waterfall so it has a soothing sound in the background, and finally the REAL JAZZ CHANNEL, XM-70, via satellite radio and no commercials.

This is the period normally taken by silence, or a time of getting in touch with the Almighty. Yes, I need a day to catch up to see where I am going. This past week was so filled with busy-ness and preparation for the funeral.

The funeral went well yesterday afternoon. Numerous Doctors and Nurses and friends and family were there to remember Dr. Dyers’ life. For my part, I shared several things that were important about his life. His love of poetry (he was a published poet), our common love of reading the New York Times obituaries, his asking me for prayers for his family, and his care and love for his patients. One of his poems was published in the bulletin:


Once I fished in that river, over there.
Once I plowed corn in those fields, over there.
Once I chased foxes in that woods, over there.
Once I picked mushrooms on those hills, over there.
Once I kissed Cheryl in that sunshine, over there.

Now I fly with crows, over there.
Now I live with God, over there.

------Eric L. Dyer, April 3, 2001

I was honored to have called him my friend and I shall continue to miss him.

And yes, there is a time for prayer, for friends struggling, for those sorrowing, for those fighting illness, and for those celebrating joy. Yes, that was my daughters’ picture in the LIFE section of the Tennessean yesterday. It is only four more weeks to the wedding. It will be here quickly.

The weather is nice outside. PERFECT. High seventies. Sunny. The heavy rains and winds from Ivan last week are gone. It is a time to clip the hedges, smell the freshness of a sunny day, and a time “to be thankful” for God’s Gift of Life.

Remember: We only have one day at a time. Carpe Deim—Seize the Day

Bro. Dan ---Thankful for life.


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