Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Delphi Project


Chris has an interesting picture of Delphi Art and in particular Apollo offering a libation.

The thing that interested me about this picture is I was in that Delphi museum a couple of years ago. It was on a high mountain in Greece and was one of the highlights of my trip to Greece.

A couple of pictures that stand out are remains of the Apollo Temple and the stadium where the Pythian Games were held. Evidently, the games preceeded the Olympics and everything was done in the nude. It was on a high high mountain and I do not see how the chariots and horses got up there.

I need to check out more about this website for Greece. It will no doubt remind me of other things I saw while I was there. These pictures are of things made in 700 B.C.

Photographs of Apollo Temple

The Stadium


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