Sunday, April 17, 2005

Fiesta Queen

Fiesta Queen

I am re-reading the Boys of Summer on this beautiful spring day. Oh how I loved the Brooklyn Dodgers, listening to every game on WOKE 1290 khz in Oak Ridge, TN during the 50s.

And now to today's fan mail: "Hello Mr. Phillips:My name Is Tracy and i am a junior at West Las Vegas high school. I am emailing you because i feel that you could help me. i am recently running for Fiesta Queen de Las Vegas and i was wondering if you could possibly help me out in learning more about the history of Las Vegas. If you are interested please email me." Wow. I can now help the Fiesta Queen.

What a life.

Oh yes, I am believing more and more that German Cardinal Ratzinger will be the next pope.


At 8:39 PM, Anonymous A said...

My money is on Francis Arinze, the Nigerian. A long shot maybe, but....


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