Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Blessing Prayer for Glenda McKinney on her 49th birthday.

Lord, there must have been an earthquake on August 8, 1956, when Glenda Maddox was born. The world has not been the same since.

With incredible energy she outpaces all of us, leaving us in the shadows.

With her eager tongue we have been left speechless with our mouths wide open,

But, with her prayers, Lord, we have been comforted and given abilities to climb the highest mountain.

We thank you for her life. May you bless her and use her in your service.



At 7:24 PM, Anonymous Janet Tomlinson Scott said...

I happened upon this blog totally by mistake.

I went to elementary and high school with Glenda. She had more energy than the whole class put together! She ran circles around all of us. Her contagious smile made everybody take a second look whenever Glenda was in the room. She was a great friend to have. I bet she's just as cute now as she was back in the '70's.


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