Sunday, August 07, 2005

A Note From My Brother

Editorial Note: Today my father, Denman Phillips, would have been 86 years old. He died in 1980, 26 years ago. Also we placed Janet's father, Clyde Honeycutt, in the VA hospital this weekend. He has terminal cancer.

Sorry to hear about Cardinals leaving KMOX. That is unAmerican.

I can remember the day I had to leave Daddy at the VA. It was one of the saddest days of my life. He would have been 86.

Dan, you and I have had extraordinaryexperiences in this life. Most importantly, to grow up in a Christian Home, where most of the time we loved one another. Many don't get the opportunities we have had to experience travel and fun. I can still recall you and I throwing the baseball as mother cooks eggs, vienna sausages and sliced tomatoes for our breakfast by the side of the road.

Mother always wrote down every expense we had . I can't believe that we didn't have a/c in that black and white Buick. A few weeks ago in Miami, we rode throught Hollywood where we stayed many years ago. (Ed. Note: I remember that time. I was sunburned and while we were there Marilyn Monroe died.)

Aren't memories fun? Sorry about Janet's Dad. I'm sure that soon you
will be able to recall the good memories of him rather than seeing the
pain of his life ending. He reminded me of Pop Phillips a lot. Not
much money, but full of life experiences. Have a good weekend.




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