Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Meditation at Gethsemani

Meditation at Gethsemani
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My friend Richard took this picture of me meditating at Gethsemani.


At 3:26 PM, Anonymous Sherri said...

Dearest condolences to you, your wife and your families upon your father-in-law's departing. The statue says it all...
A meditation heard on August 15, 2005:
A song by Georgia, "Di Sole e d'Azzurro" ("Of Sun and of Blue")
Song lyrics, translated from Italian:
I want to speak to your heart
Light like the snow
Also the silence, you know,
Has words...
After the rain and the frost,
Beyond the stars and the sky
I see flower the good that's in us
The sun and the blue
Above the snow covered fields.
I want to illuminate your spirit
In the blue of the your most fragile days
I will be there
Like a music
Like a Sunday
Of sun and of blue.
(Perhaps this was sent to all of you from Thomas Merton...)
original lyrics can be found at http://www.italianissima.net/testi/disole.htm


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