Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Merton on Saints

"One of the first signs of a saint may well be the fact that other
people do not know what to make of him. In fact, they are not sure
whether he is crazy or only proud; but it must at least be pride to be
haunted by some individual ideal which nobody but God rally
comprehends. And he has inescapable difficulties in applying all the abstract norms
of 'perfection' to his own life. He cannot seem to make his life fit
in with the books."


What are my feelings when I cannot make life fit for myself or others?

Thanks Wayne Burns


At 3:43 AM, Anonymous Sherri said...

After a close examination of conscience, constant prayer becomes necessary to attach oneself directly to God's will. This brings about courage and positive outlook in spite of adversity and betrayal, another sure sign of a saint-in-the-making. Life begins to resemble a path in which the past "makes sense" with what is happening in the present, and one is content with whatever the future brings, even if that includes death.


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