Tuesday, May 30, 2006

More Thoughts At A Monastery and Other Notes

A Needed Rest

Sometimes we really need rest. but there is no peace. No quiet. The body grows tense. There is no rest.

I start out for Kentucky full of prayer.


The sun scatters across the front row seat in the balcony. The night begins its dawning. The end of the first day.

Lord, what is it I have to offer? What is the metaphor of my life? (The sea was a metaphor for Neruda's Life)

Lord, "sharpen my scissors." (TM)

Father James told of Merton having a special column in the chapel where he prayed, a place he was partially hidden. (This was indicative of his humility.)

"Silence and solitude are the sureme luxuries of life!" (TM)


We are "under obedience."

Sucking up silent thoughts. (dkp)


How we do wish sometimes that there was a tidy world, neatly packaged, without grief and sorrow, and filled with silence and solitude.

"Lord, thank you for this restful weekend away from the noise. Oh, how I have needed this. Grant us peace."


At 9:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TO BE QUIET..............Liked the reference to TM: "Silence and solitude are supreme luxuries." We are in such a hurry...engulfed by noise...always with someone...full of words (more words than thoughts, sometimes). And so it is good 'to come aside and rest awhile.'

At 12:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

NEED FOR REST............One time in my life, I was so tense that I would go to bed and find that I had clinched both fists inadvertantly....relax...same again. God's graces brought me through that terrible time. How much our need of Him and the rest that He points us to.


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