Friday, May 04, 2007


In preparation for going to London next week, I stumbled through the
travel section of a local Barnes and Noble. After discouting the Sex
Lives of Canables and The Art of a Tangerine I bought a non-fiction book
on a Walk to Canterbury.

Along with my Rick Steves memorabilia and my London Moleskine Journal, I
have at least begun the journey. My studies indicate that London is
overwhelming. I can't do everything so the journey becomes a selection
of personal enticements such as a worship service at Westminster Abbey,
or T.S. Eliot's grave, and perhaps a high tea.

Last night we watched Queen, an excellent movie describing how each of
us can become out of touch with what is really important.

Packing will begin soon. I have begun the list. I need to minimize books
and personal electronics like this sidekick 2, and bring a good camera
and a personal journal small enough for a pocket. I wonder, "Must I wear
a coat and tie for a worship service at Westminster Abbey?"


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