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During my early years in Nashville, each year a stranger came to town. He wore a suit and tie, was rather rotund, and carried a heavy suitcase. He would then make his rounds of Nashville. The courthouse, official government buildings, and religious establishments.

He would arrive, stand with his hands uplifted and his suitcase on the ground, look heavenly and "whistle like a bird." We never knew exactly what this meant. Was he delivering us from curses or proclaiming curses.

Well, that is to lead into a major habit of mine, buying used books cheaply. My favorite book sale is the Brentwood Library Book sale, held quarterly. Recently I purchased "The Travels of William Bartram." I am a sucker for travel books and did not look more closely at the contents. As I began my reading I discovered that Bartram was an expert on swamps and lagoons, fish, and tropical snakes and reptiles, hardly the fare of travel to which I ordinarily search.

Anyway, among his discoveries was that of the language of birds, that is their common notes of speech as they are feeding their young or menacing their enemies. Of particular interest was the male and female role in singing. He states:

The males "songs seem to be musical compositions, performed only by the males, about the time of incubation, in part to divert and amuse the female, entertaining her with melody, etc. This harmony, with the tender solicitude of the male, alleviates the toils, cares and distresses of the female, consoles her in solitary retirement whilst sitting, and animates her with affection and attachment to himself in preference to any other."

Wow! Was the Birdman wooing some lady on the 12th floor. Or maybe it is a lesson for us men, "We need to sing and whistle and amuse the female."

To you husbands, now is the time. Get dressed. Stand by your lady and SING !! It will certainly be a memorable experience says William Bartram.

Ladies, when is the last time your husband sang to you?

Bro. Dan

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