Monday, August 13, 2007


When I am sick, like now with a horrible cold, I resort to old
linguistic remedies for solace. Like looking up Henry Miller or William
Everson on wikipedia. This is turn leads to Charles Bernstein, a new
Language of Poetry, and new ways of energizing the nose driven head.

Yes, I did write poetry. Some was even published in the 70s. And Henry
Miller I first really heard of in Greece. A bus driver read from his
Collous of Mariousa and I was hooked. I even went to his memorial museum
last year when I was traveling the Big Sur Trail.

And Everson. Brother Antonious, was well hidden until I found him again
on Yahoo. The only poems I had read was a book loaned to me by Brother
Paul Quenton at the Abbey of Gethseami during a retreat.

And I never heard of Charles Bernstein until tonight, and no he is not
kin to the Beranstine Bears.


At 2:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dan ...sorry to hear that cold came your way. We are in Fl..grayton beach and it is only hot cold...but having a good time. Sending this on new laptop...trying to learn to use maybe you will get this is always good to rest with cold...and reading is not resting....resting is silence/solitude with a good RC and letting nature take have it ...wayne


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