Sunday, October 07, 2007

Daily Devotions

"Establishing a daily spiritual practice of quiet time and prayer is the
most important decision I ever made."

"Images that opened our hearts stay with us. They tell us what is
important in our inner life."

--Elizabeth Harper Neeld, A Sacred Primer.

What images speak of the divine to you? Your sacred moments:
--the singing at Westminister Abbey
--sitting, listening, watching
--High Falls and the peaceful water.
--waiting in silence
--the sky and clouds in Delphi

The Lord Bless !!


At 2:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank God for all the quiet times and the images that teach our souls and hearts. How shall we begin? An early morning walk...the birds coming to the feeder when I ring the chimes hanging in the tree...the early morning sun...sunset and evening star...the breeze in the trees...the tall pines that speak of His and colored leaves...a steeple of a church off in the distance, sign of a faith community...children at play...a kindness given or received...a kind word with even a stranger...a time in wordless prayer (He hears even our loving intent)...all the thin places where God is more easily found. So many...Thanks be to God for He comes often and in His own bless and guide and be a Light in a darkened feed and lead to the still waters!

At 4:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quiet times when God is near...or rather,when we draw near to Him. One day, I was walking and praying for the Virginia Tech students and their families...including the young man who shot and killed 26 people. I said "Lord, I will pray on this walk, for the broken hearts." Moments later... as I came to a tall locust tree...right the base was a heart shaped stone, broken in half.It was not like any stone I have ever seen in this area...a light beige color and finely grained. I picked it up and now it is in my prayer spot, glued together, as a dear reminder to pray for all in great sorrow who, maybe, have no one to pray for them...I take them to God for His comforting blessing.

At 6:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When He beckons..............Beautiful moment, when God calls to the soul. He beckons...welcomes...pardons...embraces...comforts...teaches...makes stronger...consoles. What precious moments...when God draws us whisper in His bask in His great long for that Kingdom above! How ever to appreciate His welcoming thank Him without ceasing...To sing His praise...All our days....


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