Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fw: Thanksgiving- Things for which I am thankful.

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Subject: FW: Thanksgiving- Things for which I am thankful.

Subject: Thanksgiving- Things for which I am thankful.

Things I am thankful for at Thanksgiving:
A dog, named cuddles, who chews paper, terrifies our cat Aiden, then sleeps in my lap.
That the election is over. 22 months is too much.
For people I work with, who encourage me, who don't always take me seriously, and still love me.
For a wife of 41 years whose giggle I still love to hear.
For only grandson Jack, who at 15 months, amazes me with his basketball playing,
his banging on the piano with a concerto never heard before, and who loves to pet the cat.
For Furman Bisher, who every year writes a thanksgiving column in the Atlanta Constitution-Journal
that I have followed for over three decades..
For Chipper Jones winning the National League batting title.
For Vanderbilt going to a bowl game.
For Jack's BBQ and Hog Heaven.
For the ducks that swim in Centennial Park.
For the Carmack statue in front of the capital. (But I still wish they would put his full name
on it and what he is famous for on the statue)
For homemade banana pudding.
For sunshine that brightens the day and moonlight, the night.
For good coffee early in the morning.
For books, and London, and the Queen, and Charles Dickens, and Thomas Merton,
and the History Channel.
For the monkeys at the zoo who are sometimes very noisy.
For pennies I find while walking.
For the monastery where the greeting sign says, "Silence is spoken here."
For downtown Nashville where I walked to Cain-Sloane, ate at Harvey's, and
sat in Dr. Fesmire's Dentist chair overlooking Church Street where he told me,
"You need to use more toothpicks."
Thanksgiving is a great time to remember those precious moments long past
that refresh our spirit and gladden our day !
Dan K. Phillips
108 Breckenridge Road
Franklin, TN 37067


At 8:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TO RENDER THANKS..........So many things but in the midst of them all, I am grateful for all who rescue....police, fireman, EMS, Big Brothers and Sisters, all who work in rehab, all who care about the downtrodden. The list is so long....add a flock yourself. Don Brennan


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