Thursday, May 26, 2011

An Angel Dropped by to see me today

It was a sleepless night. Wind, storms, lightning. I kept trying to write in my head. The word gooey kept me awake. I want gooey writing. Writing that sticks in someone's mind. Writing that is unforgettable, like sticky fingers that licking does not cure. Traceless words that empower not defeat. Thoughts that germinate action.But gooey didn't do it.

Yesterday, one of my special friends died, Catherine Cowell, of Camden, TN. I met her a decade ago through her daughter, Sandy, who is a nurse friend of mine. Catherine was a quilter, always making a quilt for a new baby, or someone in need. She has always been a joyous person, looking for the best in others. Her funeral is to be Saturday at 2 p.m. at the Cowell United Methodist Church near Camden. I was looking forward to going and being with the family.

At 6 am this morning, the phone rang. I missed it. In calling back it was about Janet's Aunt Opal who had died during the night. She was 96. The oldest child of ten brothers and sisters, she was the inspiration for us all. The active one who climbed high mountains even in her eighties.  Janet's Mom, Georgia, was one of the younger sisters. Speculation was the funeral will be Saturday in Livingston, TN. a 200 mile trip from Camden. The same day. Two funerals I wanted to go to. What made it worse was that a few weeks ago two of my best friends, Hubert Jarvis and Louis Wilkinson, funerals were at the same time 200 miles apart.

I just stumbled through the thought, a grief unexplained, sadness surrounded by loss and being separated. Then, Janet said, look out the window. There it was two fifty foot tree limbs broken during the night, the yard full of broken limbs. I was stunned. I had been cleaning up the garage  for days. Now a setback of grief and broken limbs. All more than I can handle. Too much. To many tears. Exhaustion setting in on me.

At 8:30 am a young man was to come and help me weed some of the yard. When I went outside it was cold, to cold for an old man to work, freezing, and cloudy, more rain maybe. I called the young man to not come, but the phone did not work without his area code which I did not know. I looked out of the window feeling hopeless! Tearful. A what is the use moment.


We have been told in the book of Hebrews about angels unaware, unexpected visitors from God, who may take on our burden and help us, a Michael, or a Gabriel. When Witt arrived I showed him the mess. He weighed about 120 pounds and was from Thailand trying to make enough money to survive and go back and be a missionary. Then amazingly he went to work! With chain saw in hand he demolished the trees and had them piled high for someone to carry them away. Even an earlier tree limb up fifty feet high he climbed the tree and was able to get it down. Of course I was not much help. At 67 I can work 15 minutes then I have to rest.

By noon I was exhausted and came in the house to lay down only to find that the cat had messed all over our new cover for our bed. Every step required another step. Do you know what I mean?

By 5 pm Witt had done the impossible, trimmed 18 trees, sawed up three, removed limbs all over the yard, trimmed all the hedges, and weeded the entire place. Like a whirlwind he kept doing things I could not do. All I could think of was God had provided an angel when the winds had grown to powerful, when the third watch of the night had caused disciples to feel the hopeless of the winds. Yes, an angel.

When he left eight hours later I told him, "Witt, you were an angel in my life today!" And, I meant it!

P.S. I checked Amazon today and found my book, Spiritual Journaling listed, three months before the publication. That was an exciting meaningful moment to conclude the day. Check out the book on Amazon.


At 6:31 AM, Blogger Sandi said...

I had not checked in for awhile. My own life for the past several weeks sounds similar to this day. I've been journaling with Macrina Wiederkehr's book, A Tree Full of Angels. This morning, my fingers went to your blog and I looked down the side...and there was a post about an angel. Reading it, I thought of the "angels" that have come and gone from my own life these last several weeks as I have at times just been trying to keep my head above water. Most of them have received a handwritten note, yet it was
a nice reminder to sit for a moment this morning and lift up a prayer of thanksgiving for these "angels." Thank you.


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