Friday, May 13, 2011


I finally got things together enough to update Thomas Merton and Spiritual Directions. Thomas Merton is unique as it adds a couple of things that I feel will be helpful. On the new Thomas Merton page is one link that tells everything you need to know about the upcoming, June 9-12, International Thomas Merton Society meeting in Chicago, IL. Lots of famous Merton scholars will be leading sessions during the three day conference. The full schedule can be found on updated site.

Also, PBS last Friday night did an interview of Brother Paul Quenon, a monk for fifty years at Gethsemani. He has lived outside for the past 50 years and this is really a great show about a friend of mine. I first met Brother Paul over 15 years ago and we have discussed Thomas Merton many times. He has led me around the monastery campus to places I did not know existed, including St. Anne's, and a statue of St. Benedict, hidden in the far woods. This is an inspirational TV program, well worth watching. To view these go to:

Another update is found on my Spiritual Directions page, with updated retreat information, including retreats on Merton, Grief, and Spiritual Direction.

Be in prayer for me as I begin some new spiritual endeavors. Thanks.

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Always interesting, Dan.


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