Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thoughts on a Rainy Day

Thoughts Today:

I am certainly excited that Professor Newt called this morning asking for my vote. Just to think that he took time from his many visits in Iowa to call me. How is that for personal attention!

And then there are the dishes! Since many guests have been here in the last week, I have been in charge of emptying the dishwasher. However, there are to many dishes and not enough places to put them. I believe this is a conspiracy. When anyone dies, there is always a rush to give a way dishes. Here is her complete Twiddly Winks set of dishes. I know you will love them. Right?

Dishes have complicated the world. There are too many to handle. Was it Thoreau who said, "Beware of any enterprise that causes you to buy a new suit." The same compulsion is with dishes. You need special dishes for: Halloween, Good Friday, Christmas, dishes for the Kentucky Derby, a special dish for your birthday, Columbus Day dishes, and of course Mother-in-law Day Dishes.  What a scam. Why won't four dishes, a cup, a saucer, and a few forks,etc. do? Did I miss something? Let me know. Maybe I could start the dish sell network.

More Seriously:

I have updated my blog, added a different picture, and changed the introduction. Try it Dan's Blog

My high school friend, Jim  Pemberton, got his ham license today: KK4FUW. I look forward to talking with him.


The love of solitude is the beginning of the love of God.

A monk is a man of prayer.

Do I hear the voice of Christ singing in the Psalms?

It is easier for parents to have children than for children to have parents.

I remember the music
I meditate in my heart
My spirit ponders (dreams)
      Psalm 77:6)

Have a nice day/

Bro. Dan


At 3:30 AM, Blogger Blu-I'd-Blonde said...

I wonder, is it easier for a man to meditate and grow spiritually than it is for a woman? When my two children were in school and my husband was at the peak of working at his business, I had long mornings spent in Bible reading, meditation, and prayer. Now my husband is home for most meals and he usually expects quite a bit to eat, especially breakfast and noon. I'm lucky he does his own laundry which takes a load off my painful knees in not having to go up and down stairs. He helps with the dishes too.

But apparently I'm just not capable at age 65 to do things as fast as I used to, and I'm not nearly as well organized as I used to be. Maybe it's being a grandmother to 3 lovely granddaughters and 1 grandson, the oldest being 6, then a 4 yr. old, 2 year old, and 9 month old. Yeah, some days they almost drive my daughter nuts, so naturally I drop everything if she needs help or a day off.

What do you think? I'm frustrated at times because I just start to find that time slot of alone time with God and someone comes by unexpectedly and that's it for the day. Some days I think I need a "wife."

At 10:52 AM, Anonymous Dan said...

Dear Blu-eyed in Kansas. Gee, writing at 3:30 am is a tipoff. Sleepless or, in my case, I get up with the dog and write.

No, I think women are more spiritual than men.(Just my opinion)

Yes, being 68 yrs old, it tells me I am slowing down. My organization pattern is erratic. I have books stuffed everywhere and don't have the iniative to do anything about it. Janet and I have 2 grandchildren, age 4 and 8 months. We love tobe with them as much as possible. They can be fun, maybe a little trouble sometimes.

About the quiet time. I still believe we must plan it.A day of recollection I call it. I go away--a park, library, church-- where no one can find me. There I do the hard work, meditation and contemplative prayer. It works, just not everyday.

My fear is that when my wife retires in two years my whole retirement will change. Then, the hours will change.

Enjoy your blog. You have done lots of work on it.

Thanks for writing.

Bro. Dan


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