Monday, February 24, 2014

Last Monday in the Bahamas

I am sitting outside in a shady place. A soft breeze blows. I have been reading from the book of ecclesiastical. Be thankful. Keep your eyes on the Lord. Quietness is part of a true religious experience. Whether by the office window, seaside, a mountain top, the silence is the key.

We have little time for silence . to many things seek our attention. Just to be. So hard! So I am thankful in the sun and the blessing of being away.


At 3:26 AM, Blogger Alex Peterson said...

I've been watching interviews with folks who participated in something called the Finders Course experiment. The website for it doesn't say much: They claim to be getting awakened/enlightened/nondual in 3 months or less!!! That sounds CRAZY to me. Has anyone else seen this? They also have videos on youtube if you search for 'finders course'. It seems to be based on a big academic study from the center for the study of nonsymbolic consciousness. They have videos and articles about some of it here:


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