Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Prayer of Invocation

Last night we had a terrific evening on the General Jackson Riverboat. It was a time to recognize over 400 employees who had worked at Centennial Medical Center for over 5 years. This is my prayer of invocation:

Our Father, we come together this evening to honor commitment and excellence.

Excellence in the form of employees who have dedicated their healing skills and numerous talents to Centennial Medical Center over a considerable period of time.

With grace they have taken those persons of broken spirits and diseased bodies and with the precious precision of an artist, have loved and cared for them in a magnificient way.

Their touch of concern and commitment has straightened the furrowed brow, has given a smile to a person looking for someone to care for them, has prepared food for the hungry, cleanliness for those who need purity, hope for those seemingly without anyone or anything to live for, and most importantly, a healing spirit that permeates this entire institution.

We thank you heavenly Father for a place such as this to work. We thank you for those in administration who lead us and guide us during difficult times and we thank you for each other, for Lord we know that our lives interwined gives opportunity to help many persons and families.

The holy scriptures teach us that "the hungry, or the thirsty, or the stranger, or those needing clothes, or the prison, or the person sick" are to be honored and that "whoever has helped the least of these," has committed a holy act.

Holy Father, tonight we recognize these who have committed holy acts in your name, and we uphold them to you for your richest blessings.

With grace and honor we pray dear Father.



At 9:12 AM, Blogger Dan Phillips said...

Dedication for September 27, 2005

Our Father, we come again to honor those who have dedicated their healing skills to Centennial Medical Center for many years.

People with broken bodies and spirits have been brought for us to care for and these exceptional employees have touched their bodies with healing, have had compassion and care for their brokenness, and with the care of angels have made them new persons.

We thank you for this commitment to healing, this caring for the stranger in our midst, this hope that brings new life to our patients, and the opportunity to pronounce goodness in your name.

May this be an evening of rejoicing in the opportunities for healing that you give us. And may we honor these among us, these employees of caring, for their dedication and service.

With grace and honor we pray dear Father.


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