Thursday, October 28, 2004

Jerry Falwell Bobblehead Doll

For those persons with everything.

"The Liberty University Flames Club has produced the new Jerry Falwell Bobblehead. The Falwell bobbleheads are available for a cost of only $20.

What's more, DR. Falwell will autograph and personalize dolls for donations of $50. (Dr. Falwell signs the dolls on the back in a gold pen.) The dolls are packaged in bubble wrap and sent out in sturdy boxes to those making orders.

Alumni who purchased the bobbleheads during homecoming weekend found them to be great reminders of their days at Liberty."

(P.S.-I can hardly wait to get mine.)



At 4:46 AM, Blogger Jonathan said...

Dan, I think you're right - you could be on to a winner with the Falwell Dolls. But here at the Baptist Monastery, we dont give up so easily, and would also want to make you an offer to be Baptist Monastery merchandise North American rep....selling something along these lines:


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