Sunday, September 25, 2005


It has been cloudy and windy today. My ham antenna broke early. So much
for emergency communications if a tornado comes. By the way we are under
a tornado watch compliments of Hurricane Rita.

After church we ate lunch at La Hacienda then a quick nap. I have spent
portions of this afternoon reading The Asian Journal of Thomas Merton.


At 6:31 PM, Anonymous barefoot preacher said...

Hi, rest assured you are in our prayers when it comes to tornados and hurricans etc. We're prayin' for you all. GBY Jonathan Gardner = barefoot preacher blog

At 9:17 PM, Anonymous SMac said...

Hello Fr. Dan
My name is Sean and I am from NJ. I saw the Dalai Lama today at Rutgers Univ. His words and attitude were uplifting and positive as usual. I am writing this because I have been going through a spiritual conversion the last six months or so, and it all deals with Buddhism, the catholic church and Thomas Merton. Long story. My point is that today I had validation of my path and my place in this life as His Holiness referenced Thomas Merton "the american Trappist Monk whom he met in India and later in Jakarta, who died tragicaly after delivering his talk" but not before impacting the Dalai Lama's own thoughts and impressions of other religions in a positive way. I had chills and gooseflesh as he spoke.
After many many years of "practicing" Buddhism, I finally "Got It" after reading Seven Story Mountain back in June.
At the moment that I understood the message of Buddhisim, I understood that for me to be a better Buddhist, I needed to be a Catholic. Which is what I was baptised, and is really where I belong. Phew, way to much info for a first time comment.
Peace to you
Thank you for your blog


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