Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Psalms - Titles by Dan K. Phillips

NOTE: It took me 3 years to do this. Thanks Ray Waddle for the


1.      The Blessed Man (vs.1)
2.      God’s In Control (vs.6)
3.      Landscape of Dreams (vs.5)
4.      Night Prayer (vs.4)
5.      A Morning Prayer (vs.3)
6.      Sound of Weeping (vs.2-3)
7.      My Shield (vs.10)
8.      Majesty (vs.1)
9.      Not Forsaken (vs.10)
10.     Defender of the Helpless (vs.14)
11.     Examination (vs.5)
12.     Words (vs.6)
13.     Unfailing Love (vs.5)
14.     Fool’s Gold (vs.1)
15.     Sanctuary (vs.1)
16.     The Path of Life - Trust (vs.11)
17.     Shadow of Your Wings (vs.8)
18.     Deliverance (vs.17)
19.     God’s Handiwork (vs.1)
20.     Soul’s Sincere Desire (vs.4)
21.     A King’s Blessing (vs.6-7)
22.     Crushing Silence (vs.2)
23.     Provision (vs.1)
24.     Preparing for God’s House (vs.3)
25.     Life Up My Soul (vs.1)
26.     Merciful (vs.11)
27.     Waiting for the Lord (vs.14)
28.     The Lord-My Strength (vs.7)
29.     The Voice of the Lord (vs.7)
30.     Joy in the Morning  (vs.11)
31.     Spacious Places (vs.8)
32.     My Hiding Place (vs.7)
33.     Watching Over Us (vs.18)
34.     Angel Eyes (vs.7)
35.     Enemies (vs.19)
36.     The Evil and the Good (vs.4)
37.     God’s Wisdom (vs.3-7)
38.     Crushed (vs.8)
39.     Life’s Brevity (vs.5)
40.     The Solid Rock (vs.2)
41.     A Need for Healing (vs.3)
42.     Soul Survivor (vs.2)
43.     Prayer of Presence (vs.3)
44.     Forsaken (vs.24)
45.     A Wedding Song (vs.11)
46.     Quiet Please (vs.10)
47.     Inaguration (vs.7)
48.     Diary of a Zion Pilgrim (vs.9)
49.     A Rich Man’s Destiny (vs.12)
50.     Importance of Thanksgiving (vs.23)
51.     Have Mercy (vs.1)
52.     Evil Men (vs.1)
53.     A Fool’s Vision (vs.1)
54.     Sustainer (vs.4)
55.     Desire: To Fly Away (vs.6)
56.     No More Tears (vs.13)
57.     Refuge and Praise (vs.1)
58.     Avenged vs.10)
59.     Wild Dogs (vs.6)
60.     Fractured (vs.2)
61.     My Refuge (vs.3)
62.     Finding Rest (vs.1)
63.     Desire for God (vs.1)
64.     Ambushed (vs.1)
65.     A Hymn of Thanksgiving (1-4)
66.     Beethoven (vs.1-2)
67.     Harvest (vs.6)
68.     Rose Bowl Parade (vs.17)
69.     Deep Waters (vs.2)
70.     My Deliverer (vs.5)
71.     End of the Road (vs.18)
72.     Prayer for a King (vs.15)
73.     Danger of Bitterness (vs.2-3)
74.     587 B.C. (vs.7)
75.     Trampoline (vs.7)
76.     God’s Judgment (vs.8)
77.     Unseen Footprints (vs.19)
78.     Family Heirlooms (vs.3)
79.     Desperate Need (vs.1,3)
80.     Restore Us (vs.3)
81.     Strike Up the Band (vs.2)
82.     Plea for Righteous Judgment (vs.3-4)
83.     Bloody Shame (vs.14-16)
84.     Sacred Sanctuary (vs.1)
85.     A Prayer for Restoration (vs.4)
86.     In the Day of Trouble (vs.7)
87.     Zion-Mother of All Cities (vs.1-2)
88.     Sitting in the Darkness (vs.18)
89.     How Long Lord, How Long? (vs.46)
90.     Counting Our Days (vs.5)
91.     Shadow of the Almighty (vs.1)
92.     My Rock (vs.15)
93.     Shoreline (vs.3)
94.     Vengeance (vs.1)
95.     Bowing (vs.6)
96.     A New Song (vs.1)
97.     God’s Holy Reminders (vs.12)
98.     D-Day Symphony (vs.4-6)
99.     Bow Down (vs.5)
100.    Thanksgiving (vs.4)
101.    Inaguration Day (vs.6)
102.    Dead Man Walking (vs.5)
103.    Mercy (vs.17)
104.    Musicians Prayer (vs.33)
105.    Remembrances (vs.5)
106.    Remembrances Part 2 (vs.8)
107.    God’s Deliverance (vs.9)
108.    Waking Up (vs.2)
109.    Curses: Being Blunt (vs.8-15)
110.    Youthful Reminders (vs.3)
111.    Home Run (vs.2)
112.    Blessings of a Righteous Man (vs.1)
113.    Praise to a MercifulGod (vs.7)
114.    Exodus (vs.1)
115.    Trust in the Lord (vs.9)
116.    Walking Again (vs.16)
117.    Stedfast Love (vs.2)
118.    This is the Day the Lord has Made (vs.24)
119.    Marathon
120.    Peacenik (vs.7)
121.    Looking Upward (vs.1)
122.    Going Home (vs.1)
123.    His Mercy (vs.2)
124.    Escaped (vs.7)
125.    Power of a Strong Foundation (vs.1)
126.    A Time of Joy (vs.3)
127.    God’s House (vs.1)
128.    A Fruit Filled Life (vs.2)
129.    Undefeated (vs.2)
130.    Waiting (vs.5)
131.    Simplify (vs.1)
132.    A Place for the Lord (vs.14)
133.    Brothers (vs.1)
134.    Night Preparation (vs.1)
135.    Praise the Lord (vs.1)
136.    His Love Endures (vs.1)
137.    Weeping in Babylon (vs.4)
138.    A Thankful Heart (vs.1)
139.    Nowhere to Hide (vs.1-2)
140.    A Cry for Help (vs.4)
141.    Incensed (vs.2)
142.    Rainy Days and Monday (vs.1)
143.    A Faint Spirit (vs.4)
144.    Soundtrack of Life (vs.9)
145.    Glorious Splendour (vs.5)
146.    The Lord Reigns (vs.10)
147.    A Stary Night (vs.4)
148.    Praise Him (vs.1)
149.    Song of Triumphant (vs.4)
150.    Cymbalism (vs.5)


At 4:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

PSALMS.....Everyday, I take a look...I pray for wisdom...I am so often blessed with a beautiful of my favorites is: "The passersby have not called out to us 'We bless you in the name of the Lord. The blessings of God be on you.' " It is sad because it touches on the love and regard we ought to bear one towards the other. (Ps 128)

At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

NOT TOO LOFTY.............In Psalm 130...."Lord, my heart is not puffed gaze is not too lofty...I have not sought the things too high above nor too great for me." I treasure it because it speaks of loving God in the little things...simple things...humble things. We ask for 'daily bread' not fine cuisine.

At 7:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WISDOM..............Psalm 131:17 "...I have prepared a lamp for my anointed." The light that God supplies comes from different things, people, circumstances.... BUT we miss a lot, at least I do, because of a lack of quiet reflection. Teach us all, dear quiet be...that we may learn from Thee.'

At 7:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ONLY SIX WORDS OF PRAYER.....Psalm 139: "Keep me O God...deliver me... Some think they will be heard because of the length of their not like them, Jesus said.

At 7:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

PRAISE........Psalm 148:14 "Let the glorious praise of God be above heaven and earth and all things." Glad to sing His praise...for now and all my days. Glad to sing His hymn...Joy unto the cup's brim.

At 5:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

JOY IN GOD........Psalm 96:11 "To the just man a light is the right of heart there is much joy." If there is no JOY in our belief, can it be caled BELIEF?

At 5:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

CITY OF GOD.........Psalm 87:7 "City of God, dwelling in thee is as of all rejoicing."
There are no tears in the city of God... only smiles and laughter.

At 5:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HARD OF HEARING......Psalm 80:12 "...but my people heard not my voice...hearkened not to me..."
Sad day...when God calls and so few hear...He said 'Come' and they chose not to be near...He said 'Come' and they said 'Later on, maybe'..He said 'I love you and they said 'so we have heard 'and came not to Him.

At 5:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WAKE HIM.......Psalm 120:3 ..."do not let Him slumber that keepeth thee." 'Lord, I call and call...You cannot take Your rest...I will not be silent...I will persist in my urgency and love.'

At 8:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ADORATION........Psalm 98:9..."The Lord is holy...adore Him...exult in His honor...holy is His mountain." To be with Him on His holy hill is to be in accord with the Divine Will. To say 'yes' chose the right come and not stay away. He calls...He welcomes...He loves ardently...


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