Thursday, May 14, 2015

Spiritual simplicity

We are planning a trip to Paris and the beaches of Normandy. That means library trips, viewing appropriate web sites, reading, dreaming, and counting days. I have just finished reading "Heaven in Stone and Glass" by Robert Barron. The subtitle is "Experiencing the Spirituality of the Great Cathedrals." I love cathedrals. I have been to a few; Westminster Abbey, Saint Pauls, the Vatican. I look forward to visiting several in France.

Of course France and Napoleon. I have bought Rick Steves book on Paris and am digesting it slowly. Beaches are important. Janet's dad landed on Utah Beach on D-Day. I will watch a few movies on WWII.

Barron makes an interesting comment while spending a day of meditation in Chartres Cathedral. He spent a day of reflection, going throughout the cathedral. He sat in various corners while making the rounds of the church. He often meditated for long periods sitting in front of one of the windows or sculptures. Near the end of the day he walked the labyrinth. That, to me, sounds like the ideal way  to see a cathedral.

As to my days I enjoy reading Alex Tang and have enjoyed studying the Tecarta Bible, a real app addition for Bible Readers.  I am enjoying The Ladder of the Beatitudes by Jim Forest. I am looking forward to the Thomas Merton Event the first week in June, celebrating the 100th year of his birth. Hope to see you there.