Sunday, December 05, 2004


To Jenell

The Theology of personal disaster - interesting. Unfortunately, we
probably focus to much on ourselves than others.
For instance, I am being a bachelor for 3 weeks. My wife is in Michigan
waiting for entrance to a hospital. The hospital is full and she is just
waiting, and I AM WAITING. I want to be with her but can't! I am just
Waiting. And it is Advent, a time of waiting.

This week I will be doing a special memorial service for FAMILIES who
have lost babies this year. I may pass out your website. Many will
identify with you. Many are still grieving, but is that not all of our
stories: the dream delayed, something lost and found, the bad memory
that will not die, the wrong turn that changed our life, BUT THEN Rom.
8:28 --God's Way Not Ours and it turned out for the best after all.

(P.S.) You make me think Jenell and I am appreciative. That is your
special gift to us this Advent season.

Waiting in TN. Dan

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