Sunday, October 03, 2004

Sunday Morning-Follow Me!

It is 6:30 a.m. Sunday morning. 40 degrees outside. Overcast. Reading Luke 5. Title is Follow Me, our Sunday School lesson for today. In verse 4 Peter did what Jesus said. The result was a catch of hundreds of fish. He fell on his knees, then left everything and followed Jesus. This is the way we should begin each day.

Last night, Joy Willard, a missionary nurse on Mercy Ships spoke to our Saturday night group. It was veey inspirational.

Good News

Got new Sidekick2 yesterday. I like it, especially with speakerphone and built in camera. The new kickboard is smaller which makes it more difficult, but it is also thinner? Any other sidekick bloggers out there?

Merton Quote

"Consequently: first of all our meditation should begin with the realization of our nothingness and helplessness in the presence of God. This need not be a mournful or discouraging experience. On the contrary, it can be deeply tranquil and joyful since it brings us in direct contact with the source of all joy and all life. But one reason why our meditation never gets started is perhaps that we never make thisreal, serious return to the center of our nothingness before God. Hence we
never enter into the deepest reality of our relationship with him."


How does my meditation time begin?

Thanks Wayne Burns


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