Thursday, July 27, 2006

Home and Don't Forget Patti's Restaurant

Finally got Janet home from the hospital last night after 9. She is still weak but hopeful on a road to recovery. In Tolstoy Park, Henry reflects on the things that meant the most to him related to his wife. Though she has been gone for 3 years as he closes up the house forever he is reminded of her. He says:

"Henry had imagined, when he had begun its construction, that there would be lazy afternoons spent reading on the porch until twilight, with Molly seated nearby. They would talk and perhaps read passages to each other, and he would arise and go quietly inside to prepare some tea. May she would bring out a plate of scones she'd made the evening before. They'd close their books and watch the silent red setting of the sun behind the hills. Then Molly would rise and pat the back of his hand and say it was time for them to go inside. Henry would nod and tell her he would be right in, and she would kiss the top of his head lightly before going in to warm up the kitchen with some supper for them." (p. 44 Poet of Tolstoy Park)

As I read that I realized the things I would miss about Janet. The evening walks we have taken through the years, usually a little before sunset depending on the heat. Eating out. We like to eat out and talk. I always have the seat looking toward the door. She takes the one looking toward me. Her laughter is always the most contagious thing she does. When she laughs it always makes me smile. Sometimes her giggle is sorta amazing. Through the years walking on the beach, holding hands when we pray together at church, and the nighttime kiss with an I Love You that goes with it. And, oh yes, sometimes she hums and doesn't realize she is doing it. That is when I realize she is the happiest!"


I just got an email this morning from someone who is celebrating there 49th Anniversary.They are going to Patti's for the meal. You might check out my website about Patti's. Patti's Restaurant
And here is the email:


I was surfing for Patti's Restaurant and came upon your website and article about the place. What a fun article. Made me want to run out and buy a pig.  But, alas, I would be 95 years old when that pig met his maker. Sure am glad you put that bit of info in about the age of a pig's demise.

Today is mine & Bob's 49th anniversary and why I was surfing. I think we're going to head on over to Patti's for a late lunch.  We live in Poplar Bluff, MO, which is about 3 hours from there.  Those pork chops are definitely worth the drive.  While we're there, we want to check out Calvin Swine.

Thanks for a fun start to my day.

Mary Joan Dickerson



At 12:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dan..glad Janet is home...hope she does really good. Also, enjoyed being reminded of trip to Patti's..need to go back....wayne, from Al.

At 8:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

DREAD........Life has so many twists and turns, we become afraid of some of the things that might occur. How to counter this? I pray each day, a little prayer of trust and hope. And it helps!

At 1:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

DOMINE IN TE SPERAVI......'Lord, in Thee is my hope.' I prefer the very short and simple prayers said from the heart...they allow for more quiet with God and His perfect peace. Sometimes a 'gesture prayer' can also be so taking two very small twigs and forming a cross to hold while out for a walk...He sees and understands that it is a prayer without the need of words. And sometimes, to hold the smallest wildflower and silently honor its Maker...and your own. Sometimes I cup my hands together, as the wounded hands of Christ, and I enclose therein all the people in great need of a blessing at this very moment. He sees...He knows and loves. I am certain that He also blesses.

At 11:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHEN DREAD COMES......Sometimes, the fear of the future fogs up the joy of the present. We might get anxious over somes things that may never occur. Then, it is a reminder to us to take hold of His hand and remember that He promised to be 'with us all days.' We can sit in dread or we can rejoice in trust. Ps 114:7 "O my soul, turn thou unto the in Him, for He has been bountiful."


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