Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wim Wenders - A Fan Letter

Dear Mr. Wenders

On my Christmas list was a request for a book titled, "Satellite Images
from Outer Space." My wife ordered it from Borders. When it did not
arrive by Christmas my wife told me it was being sent from England which
made no sense to me since we live in Franklin, TN.

In January the book arrived. It was written in German and was by Wim
Wenders titled, "Bilder Von Der Oberflache Der Erde." I can not read the
book but loved the pictures and googled Wim Wenders who I had never
heard of.

In reading about you I ordered Paris, Texas, on Netflix and for the last
2 nights have watched it twice, once without your commentary and once
with it. It has been a thoroughly enticing journey.

Of particular interest to me were two things. One was the scenery around
Four Corners. I once wrote a book titled, "Four Corners - A Literary
Excursion Across America." It is on the web at:

Also as I was enjoying your photography book, I found one of your
pictures from Las Vegas, New Mexico titled, "Entire Family." I also have
written a story about Las Vegas, New Mexico, titled "The Outlaw and the
Politican." You might be interested in reading it since you have been
there. The site is:

I spent several summers near Sante Fe, N.M. The scenery is beautiful,
the stories of that region fascinating.

Well, thanks to a Borders employees mistake I will now know who Wim
Wenders is. Thanks for your work.

All the best,

Dan Phillips
Franklin, TN

Journeys of Dan Phillips

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Birthday Bash

We had the annual birthday bash for Mary, Rich, and Janet. All are
January birthday babes. We have been doing this birthday party for
almost two decades. We ate at Chappy's in Nashville. A really nice meal.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Baptist Wear Black Hats

For those who wish to see what Paige Patterson and the brothers look like with Black hats on here is your chance:

Southern Baptist Roundup-- Yeh Hoo !!!

By the way, who paid for the hats? Your Baptist money at work.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Southwestern Baptist Seminary and Cowboy Hats

One is always amazed at what is happening today. I remember once that Dr. John R. Rice was carrying on a revival in the midwest and the church flew in his horse MacArthur (amazing I can remember the horses name) and during the service the horse was brought down the aisle and he rode it to massive cheers. Sorta like St. Francis blessing the animals. At one of our local churches someone brought a snake. Like some other churches I know.

Read the whole article. I liked the overalls suggestion.


Famous Dave's

Ate here today. What is the pig's name?

Friday, January 18, 2008


Please remember the Merton retreat tomorrow at Penuel Ridge. Thanks in
advance for your prayers.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Days Go By

Went to a funeral today, studied Sunday School lesson, and watched NFL
football. Not getting much done. It was a beautiful sunny day, around 55