Friday, August 26, 2011


My new book came out on Kindle today. I am excited about it. Hope you will download and enjoy. Only $7.99.  Check it out.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Apostle Peter

Taken in Capernaum.

Peter's Mother in law.

The room where Jesus healed her.

Town of Jesus

Really Capernaum.

St Anthony

In Jerusalem.  St. Anthony Monastery.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011


(This is a dream I had this morning. I awoke at 4 am and could not sleep. I turned on radio to don and roma on wls in chicago.All they could talk about was how dumb the democrats are and how smart the republicans are.Filled with this knowledge I changed the channel. Dozed. Alarm went off at 6. then the dream began.)


I leave my hotel room and take a small sack with a radio and go downtown. I  will be gone for two hours I tell them. My  purpose is to go see the manager of the New York Yankees and tell him I have come to play shortstop for him. He says he has a shortstop. Disappointed I get a glass and put orange juice in it. I walk outside and around the corner.


A crowd is gathering outside an old church. People of all sizes, faded clothes, some dressed "dude like" and others generally making noise, among also as finely dressed ladies and gentleman that I have ever seen. I follow the crowd inside. "What is this,"I ask. A wedding someone says and laughs. I go to the front of the church. The only open seat is beside the pulpit. I sit down. Noise increases then a jazz band with three members enters with little children marching in front of them carrying strange instruments; glass jars, candles, waving sheets. There is clapping. Then everyone begins to dance. To jump up and down.

I .hold the orange juice in my hand, drink a little and place it on a table nearby. When I turn my head someone goes and drinks it. Everyone is happy, joyful.....then the bride and groom enter. Both heavy set, the groom dancing, the bride following. They run through pews, jump on them, shout, and sing loudly. "Is that the preacher," I ask. "Oh yes, his first wife died. He is remarrying." "Oh!"

Then bride and groom wander off. Little kids arrive in a group of five. They are gypsies. Singing. Sounds like a hymn. A seat is open nearby and I move to it. Someone comes and whispers in my ear. "Isn't this wonderful?" I laugh.
The bride and groom wonder off. To another room. Dancing and shouting."This is the best preacher we ever had," says someone enjoying the service. A cameraman shows up from a local tv station and takes pictures of the audience.

I go to another room and sit by a lady who says, "Aren't you glad I told you about this? Wouldn't miss it for the world. I stumble walking down the aisle. Several people help. Welcome me. I find the bride and groom ready to get married, but th. e pastor suddenly is shot out of a canon and finds himself naked on the floor. He laughs. Dust himself off and returns to the bride. Several visiting preachers arrive, proclaiming well wishes, reading scripture, and running around shaking hands.

Suddenly the radio in my sack goes off. Loudly. I tune and try turning down the volume to no avail. I then take out the batteries and it is still playing. A older man comes up to help. He takes everything a part. It still plays. I feel so awkward. I can't mess up the wedding so I go outside. Kids come to see the mysterious noise where all the batteries have been removed. I am embarrassed. I look at my watch. I need to be at the hotel in ten minutes. I really hate to leave. It was so much fun. I really was excited. What a wonderful dream. "I want to go to a church like that," I thought. (Dream time over. Wonder where bride and groom are going on their honeymoon?"