Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 11, 2013


Enough,enough. I said, ENOUGH! For some reason several of my passwords have been reset, meaning I have been unable to get into this site to do new musings.

It is finally summer. Spring/winter lasted way to long. Everything is tore up. Lawnmower will not work.Smoke comes out of belt when I use it. It is not  much use under those conditions. Hired summer lawn man.Cost lots of money but MAYBE i am just to old to mow an acre of lawn without doing injury to myself.

How does one know one is to old to do something?

Had a detached retina and got it fixed. It took several weeks until I got new glasses and I see pretty well, but not perfect. Ran into a branch that made blood while trying to drive the lawnmower.

52nd High School reunion is this weekend. 200 mile drive. Hope I make it.


A few words from the journal.

It was snowing the other night during a full moon. A once in a lifetime event. (3/25/13)

Visited Louisana to visit my Aunt Jenny and then to Jackson, MS. to visit my niece Kristen.

What stirs your soul? Reflect where God is in your life.

The real fasting of the preacher is not from good but from eloquence.

NEW IDEA ON FASTING....why not fast from good but fast  from tv,social media, and no newspaper for a day. That is a real fast.

When was God active in your life?

Prayer Focus on:

Our needs
our longings
our pleas for forgiveness
our aspirations
our thanksgiving
our commendation of others
our dreams
our desire for closeness to God
(Douglas Steere)

There is a gift of prayer
Source of graces
Purifies the heart and affections
strengthens our virtue
we speak to God
We listen to God
A place to search for direction
What is best way I can serve God?