Monday, March 23, 2009

FW: Dorothy Day: best to disregard what people say...

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"I have long since come to believe that people never
mean half of what they say, and it is best to disregard
their talk and judge only their actions."

-- Dorothy Day, 1952

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Sunday, March 22, 2009


Saw the movie taken. Quite an overview of sex trading and revenge. Liam neilson, the star, buried his wife natasha richardson today. A sobering thought.

I am watching the sunset and studying h.a. Ironsides commentary on jeremiah. Perfect weather.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Beautiful day

Jack is visiting and wanting to get outside. He is watching mickey mouse. He likes go diego go.

Went to see my financial advisor yesterday. Boy was that depressing.

Learn to enjoy the now. Got started on facebook again. See jack watching tv.

Monday, March 16, 2009

New beginnings

Mondays always begin slowly. Spaced out is a good description. It takes time to get in the groove.

Only 2 more weeks until baseball season. Hooray. Life always seems to improve when baseball season opens.

New stylus i made. Take a pilot g2 mini pen and insert a mini mini screw in the end. Works great and fits in pocket like other pens.

It seems philosophy has taken a backseat to reality. Everyone has a worried look on their face.

One thing i learned about how to get a free meal. I use to know a so called minister who would read obituaries and go to several funerals a month. He would pretend his was a friend of the deceased and what big buddies they were. Of coirse the family always invited him to the feast after the funeral. It was amazing how it worked. If someone is dead how does anyone know who they knew and who they didn't know?

The righteous are like a light shining brightly.--proverbs 13:9

Lesson for the day: give hope to those around you!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday afternoon

Went to movie and saw the watchmen. They are certainly a strange bunch of superheroes.

Tonkgbt listened to keith bilbrey's last night on the grand ole opry. He has been a fixture for 34 years on wsm radio. He was let go three days ago because of budget cuts. Another great country music person gone.

Rainy saturday

This is the third day in a row it has rained. It will rain at least one more day. We got some new stuff for omnia yesterday from hong kong. Earphones with proper adapters, car adapter, new stylus, protectors for screen. Nice. Should make it easier to use.

Looking forward to day at home. Will read some. May go to movie. Watchmen? If i am brave enough.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rainy day

Enjoyed beautiful weather yesterday. Walked dog. Absorbed the evening shadows. Night refreshing. Tv off. There is an ebb and flow to each day. We must make the best of each moment. I learned last night how to download podcasts. And i found an old copy Of tev Bible I had lost. I have enjoyed reading it.

Fate has or way of changing us, for good or bad, we all have choices, but do we make the best Of the opportunities that face us ?

Pray lord that we may profit from opportunities facing us.

It is a time when confusion reigns. How would jesus have fared with internet and tv?

Think about that!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I sit in a doctor's office waiting! Its funny but many of the blogs i use to read lie dormant. Many have lost interest. A fad moving on. People are twitters now.

After keeping journals for almost 4 decades i see how ridiculous most of it was. How does one say anything new or worthwhile?

Most of us are consumed by that over which we have no control: weather, politics, the stock market.

And in our country we have lost our senatorial

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Thomas Merton Retreat in Kansas

Thomas Merton: A Mystical Guide for You Who Seek “MORE”
Sheila Carroll, OSF
March 27-28, 2009, Friday 7:00 pm to Saturday 3:30 pm
Merton leads us to a new dimension of prayer urging us to contemplate God by moving deeply into interior prayer. His search for God involved his search for his true self—the self that God had called him to be. Although the journey is often difficult and tiring, Merton writes, “We will find that, with determination and grace, we can touch and be touched by God, if only for a moment.”
Retreatants are invited for Evening Praise in the Monastery at 5:30 pm on Friday.
Fee: $100 (Deposit $20) Register by March 20. Register online.

Sister Sheila has taught at high school and college level and has served as campus minister at the University of Missouri and the University of Colorado. Her teaching career has taken her to the Indian Missions of South Dakota. For the past ten years she has drawn on her graduate studies of mysticism and prayer of the saints to give retreats and talks on the mystics.

For further information call: 913-360-6173 or go to the website at: