Friday, July 27, 2012

South Pole

Where I use to hang out as a teenager.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Sudden Danger

At times I find myself out of sorts, feeling guilty over words said, or just a general dis-ease with life in general.

An Uncertain Time

With the election for 2012 on the horizon, an unusual attitude seems to be increasing in every conversation. There is a hidden anger in our country that one reacts toward that is descending for us all. Uncertainty-yes. Fear-yes. Questions upon question that at times make sense, at other times they seem out of place. We are all uptight! Outrageously angry, or our voices rise unexpectedly without warning.

We are all overwhelmed with rhetoric meant to hurt, inappropriate words that sting, pictures that assume we are not smart enough to figure things out for ourselves, so someone pushes their agenda without thought of what it really means in our face daring us to speak up.

What is my agenda?

The truth is I want to be inquisitive, yet positive in answer (a near impossibility it seems in our time). I want to respect opinions without feeling threatened. I want to control what I hear, yet hear with a discerning spirit other sides without lies or falsified statements meant to capture me in a falsified discussion. On facebook I am de-friending those who constantly irritate me or send out way to many tweets (13 in 4 hours is to many), on twitter to discern a spirit of closeness to Christ without belittling me if I disagree.

In summary, the biggest problem is myself! How do I control myself and not become that which I detest? How do I love the unloveable? How can I respect and not grow angry at hurtful words said? (Less tv is an easy answer). Turning off messengers who cause me to feel bad is another.

So, I will look for the simple, a dog looking out the window, a baseball game with the sound turned down, read only that which uplifts, and above all, "keep my mouth shut." O LORD HELP ME! May your will be beside me and the tempter falling further and further behind.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Each day
A new beginning
Waiting for the sunrise as a bridegroom waits for his bride
We listen first
Awakening sounds, a thirst of music attunes us
Then we stretch and yawn
Wash our face
Eat slowly as we peer past the window
To see the birds dancing in flight to the feeder.

There is a PSALM today of desire and remembrance
Of great days of worship and hope. And I too remember
The water trickling through the garden
Praying for the needs of the day
Rejoicing in answered prayer.

It is time: to begin!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Book Disaster?

I have finally figured it out! Why I can not get organized. Every week or two I go through a dysfunctional exercise to clean out beside my favorite reading chair. Each week the problem grows, leaning toward a monumental book tower of Pisa.

While under going my routine today, I counted the number of books which I read, or just meandered through. I rarely read through a book, just bits and pieces of it. Anyway, todays count explains why I can't succeed in my endeavors. There are 17 books beside me that I have read out of this week. How sad. Now I understand. What to do. What to do?

Saturday, July 07, 2012

A Time of Thirst

"My soul thirsts for you." (Psalm 42). A lazy Saturday. Another 100 plus day. 7 of last 9 days have been over a 100.

How much do I want God? As much as a drop of rain? A friendly cloud? The destructive forces come to defeat our spirit, but David pours out his soul! I like that phrase. And he fights the exhaustive forces by remembering the past on days he went, leading the procession to the sanctuary, singing with thanksgiving.

Where does our joy go?

Lord, help us to receive your presence with joy. We put our hope in you. (Psalm 42:11)

Friday, July 06, 2012


The miserable 100 plus degree weather continues. It rained, really sprinkled hard, for 4 minutes last night. Welcomed but way to short.

Don't get out much during heat. I need to get some good exercise but I lack needed energy.

Looked at tv this morning briefly. All one sees is political mishmash and yelling with big band backgrounds. I miss the quiet days when J. Fred Muggs was the entertainment. Now one can't hear anything worthwhile above the yells of the announcers. And the audience to is yelling all the time. Why can't there ever be any silence? Best advice I have is "turn it off."

Watched 2 episodes of BBC drama Berkeley Square last night. Got the dvd at the library. Sort of a downstairs Downton Abbey.

Has anyone tried the strawberry slush at Sonic? Pretty good!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Dancing with Words, RED PINE

I have today discovered Bill Porter, also known as RED PINE. He is two days older than me. I look forward to reading his books. This is a good read about him.

Hot hot hot.

The doorbell rings. I don't answer. It is not only to hot to answer but peeping through the window these do not look like people I wish to talk with. I will let Cuddles continue his barking. That is enough.

Really, I have neglected these pages. I have been more interested in saying something profound than speaking the truth, for truth is to difficult to find. It is hidden beneath lies confronting us daily.

I am reading again. Thoughs of John P. Cock. Another read is A Voice Crying in the Wilderness by Edward Abbey. A little off base but I need that at times. Brings the mind a little clearer, not the needless trash of up to date news. I feel I have been to religious of late, studying to many religious sayings, truly trying to understand them and miserably failing. A times we need to be off base, stealing ideas from the insane and incorporating them in our lives.

We have discovered the big boson. Now, things unseen, can be characterized as mass, or the fourth dimension, or something that holds things together. Oh boy, doesn't that sound like fun?