Friday, March 30, 2012


"God is often tender in dark hours."  Matthew Kelty

Thursday, March 15, 2012


This is not an inspirational picture. It is a stop on the way. It has been a rainy night, a time of confusion, and achy knees. My phone and internet have not worked for over three weeks. A time of ultimate absurdity. Phone call after phone call to strangers who do not understand.. Everyone speaking in strange languages. Mav ikiiiii help you.

Some times life is like that. Nothing moving forward. Not a time to dance as the good book says, but a time of sloth where everything subtracts not adds.

But I did get a new droid 4. I like it. Keyboard is nice. I don't do well without a keyboard. And there has been a death in the family, lots of hospital visits, waiting!! Many texts.

I am sick of theatrics and slogans and thoughts that make no sense. Everyone seems to be talking over my head with blatterings, useless rhetoric, and endless chatter. My twits are limp and disorganized. Facebook is a game of hits and misses. Winter never happened.

The somewhat good news is baseball season begins soon. I have always said, "life gets better when baseball season begins." For some reason I expect little from the Braves this year. I may rely on Angels boxscores to see how Pujois hits in American League.

And Jeremy Lin has become mortal. He did great until Melo returned and now the Knicks have fired their coach. It says something about chemistry.

So John Boy, guess its good night. The rain has stopped. Tomorrow internet service is suppose to return. Guess I can finish watching Harry and Tonto then. Vandy beat Kentucky. Peyton Manning has been to town. And its quite in the mall. Sweet dreams.

After the Storm

Rainy day.